Hello, my name is Quentin Morisseau. I’m a French designer currently based in Paris and working at Luko, a home insurance startup.

I have a deep love for building things well. I discovered the wonderful world of Internet by building websites first and then noticing design was an actual job during my studies. Crazy.

Fun fact, if I wasn’t a designer, I probably would be a woodworker, carefully crafting a hardwood desk or a mechanic, hands covered in grease.

Luko 2017 → Present

Designed the new logo and colors, the onboarding, the web app, the third and fourth versions of the app now in the hands of Ian Lambert, the first version of our claim management tool now in the hands of Matthieu Babe, our partner tool and grew up to Principal Designer.

Foodles 8 days in 2019

Designed the first versions of the app and the web app as a Freelance Designer.

Chauffeur Privé 2017 → 2019

Designed the Rider app, the Driver app along with Philippine Basser, the B2B order platform and participated in the EO2018 Kapten rebranding as a (Lead-ish) Product Designer.

Stink Studios 2016 → 2017

Participated in various campaigns and interactive web experiences for Cartier, Google, Hermès, Miu Miu, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, l’Olympia, Prada and others as a Junior Art Director.

Annnnd I didn’t save anything, sorry.

B-Reel NYC Jul → Dec, 2015

Designed an exploratory Windows 10 app for American Express, a dummy product for Google, drew a NYE illustration for Facebook, participated in various campaigns for Alfa Romeo, Dropbox, NBC Universal and Rebtel as a Design Intern.